Panel TYPE P

Type P consists of panels made of corrugated alu-zinc sheeting 0.5mm. The panel height is 2200mm and It is available in 5 widths between 200 mm and 1000 mm. Type P is intended as alternative front

panels when protection from outside view is requested. The sheet metal panels are compatible with the UR 350 and UX 450 mesh panels as partition walls or roofs.


Art. Nr Components Height Width
35020908 Panel P 2200x200 Alu-zink 2200 mm 200 mm
35030908 Panel P 2200x300 Alu-zink 2200 mm 400 mm
35070908 Panel P 2200x700 Alu-zink 2200 mm 700 mm
35080908 Panel P 2200x800 Alu-zink 2200 mm 800 mm
35080918 Panel P 2500x800 Alu-zink 2500 mm 800 mm
35100908 Panel P 2200x1000 Alu-zink 2200 mm 1000 mm

Finish on panels, posts and powder coated accessories has the last figure variants in ART. NO.
"1" = RAL 7037 Dusty Grey; "2" RAL 1018 Zink Yellow; "5"  All other RAL colours or cut/welded; "6" RAL 9005 Jet Black, "8" Hot dip galvanized


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Product sheet - PANEL TYPE P_EN.pdf
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