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Aluminium Profiles

The aluminium profiles are all natural anodized 10μm, and available in 5 sizes; 44x16, 44x26, 44x44, 44x88 and 88x88 mm. The 6 meter profiles can be cut on site using a mitresaw or if you order them according to a drawing, they will be cut and adjusted to the requested sizes. Profiles to fit the standard system heights 2000 mm and 2200 mm are kept on stock. The lightweight aluminium profiles allow ergonomic assembly and can be equipped with top caps and cover strips in yellow and grey colour.


Art. Nr Components
15880000 Profile 88x88 cutted (A8888 2TLA040037R7500)
15886000 Profile 88x88 6000mm (A8888 2TLA040037R7900)
15482200 Profile 44x88 2200mm (A4488A 2TLA040037R4400)
15482000 Profile 44x88 2000mm (A4488A 2TLA040037R4300)
15486000 Profile 44x88 6000mm (A4488A 2TLA040037R4500)
15480000 Profile 44x88, Cutted (A4488A 2TLA040037R4200)
15446000 Profile 44x44 6000mm (A44A 2TLA040037R4100)
15440000 Profile 44x44 cutted (A44A 2TLA040037R3500)
15441400 Profile 44x44 1400mm (A44A 2TLA040037R9800)
15442000 Profile 44x44 2000mm (A44A 2TLA040037R3700)
15442200 Profile 44x44 2200mm (A44A 2TLA040037R3800)
15420000 Profile 44x26 cutted (A4426 2TLA040037R8000)
15416000 Profile 44x16 6000mm (A4416 2TLA040037R7400)
15426000 Profile 44x26 6000mm (A4426 2TLA040037R8100)
15410000 Profile 44x16 cutted (A4416 2TLA040037R7000)


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